Why intercultural couples have more fun!

Marriage itself is daunting, and when it’s a marriage between cultures, races, faiths, or states, it could become even more challenging. We however, like to walk the road less taken and explore why you SHOULD marry someone ‘foreign’.    

The food – Whether North or South Indian, you know that there is a storm being cooked up in your partner’s house. And what better way to explore the awesomeness one culture’s cuisine has to offer another than by marrying into it.  

Double the festivals, double the fun – Every state and every religion have their own festivals and holidays. When you marry someone from another state or culture you have the full right to celebrate each and every festival that fits the bill.  

An excuse to travel – Forget about paying for hotels when you marry a ‘foreigner’. Simply bunk up with family and even extended family and friends, who can be found all over the world. And who can be mad at impromptu vacations.  

Two weddings – This is the most excellent reason for getting family and friends together, twice, in two different places, and two different celebrations of love. Plus it will give your family the opportunity to experience the workings of another culture.  

True Love – It just couldn’t be any other way! People who manage to overcome differences to truly love and cherish each other need to be together.  

Like with everything else, cross-cultural marriages come with their dark side, and the choices it forces upon you are, sometimes, more than trying to decide between parathas or appams for dinner.  

We would love to hear from you if you are in a cross-cultural, inter-racial marriage or relationship. 

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